“Billy Gene’s Monthly A.I. & X.R. Brief”

One zoom call a month to make butt loads of money in 2024.

In 10 days, this is exactly what I’d do to make $10,000 every month indefinitely & remotely, using A.I. & automation.

In June 2023 "If I Had To Start From Scratch: 0 Brand. 0 Money. 0 Team. And All I Had Was My Laptop, My Brain, & A.I."

If I had to start from scratch in June 2023,

If all I had was my laptop and A.I, In 10 days, this is exactly what I'd do to make $10,000 every month indefinitely & remotely starting June 2023.

Pay me and I’ll give you a link to join me.

Why? Because A.I. and Augmented Reality are going to make a lot of millionaires and you want to be one of them.

Agenda? Leading experts. New tools. Money-making & time-saving strategies that work globally.

For who? Entrepreneurs who don’t have time to keep up, but know they need to keep up.

When? Monthly. Our next call is Tuesday, February 27th

(Yes, we'll send you the recordings of the last two and all calls moving forward)

Price? $35 bucks a month.

24 Hour Flash Sale offer? $35 for life*. Pay once and never pay again if you buy before the clock hits 0.

(Our average customer is around 45 years old which means they have another 40 years before they kick the bucket. So, you'll probably save around $16,800 🤔)

Guarantee? If you don’t 10-100X your investment next year, I’ll give you your money back and A.I. Billy will personally call your mom to explain why I couldn't make you rich.

P.S. The value my guests and I are going to bring will make you want to butter my buns and call me a biscuit. If you don't buy this, I promise you'll have more F.O.M.O. than a white girl without a Taylor Swift concert ticket.

*Life means for as long as the program exists, but we guarantee a minimum of a year.